Emergency data recovery made simple with Disk Recovery Wizard

Disk Recovery Wizard

When you need to recover deleted or lost data from your storage media, then disk recovery wizard will help you do just that. It’s a new data recovery software created by the WizardRecovery Company and eases the process of retrieving corrupted and lost data. You simply get your data back with just a few clicks, you don’t need to be an IT specialist to do it, just basic computer skills are good enough. What is great about it is the fact that it can handle both NTFS and FAT file systems quite easily.

Why Choose Disk Recovery Wizard?

There are so many tools available out there to help you in data recovery, so what makes the Disk Recovery Wizard stand out? Well, when you want an effective tool guaranteed to work with a great user-friendly interface and usability, then it is definitely the best. It also supports 500 plus file formats, unlike other data recovery options that support just a few.

How the Disk Recovery Wizard works

It uses a signature search algorithm in scanning in depth the file system. It will then locate the end and the beginning of all the lost, deleted or corrupted files. It will actually prioritize files from the most important starting with spreadsheets, office documents, and presentation. It will then move to databases, digital pictures, compressed archives, multimedia files, and so much more. This whole process works by matching database containing supported formats with the data read from the storage media. To determine the exact length and size of a file, it analyzes the file headers. It will be so easy for you to use since it just asks you a few simple questions. It will also give you the option to choose which media storage to recover.

Media storage it handles

The Disk Recovery Wizard handles a range of media storage, including memory cards, internal and external hard disks, SONY Memory Stick, SDHC, MMC, Compact flash, and flash drives. You could recover files permanently deleted and no longer in the recycle bin, or system failure data loss. This makes this such a powerful tool and very universal in every way.


You lose data from time to time either by mistake or due to an error like a system failure. You need a powerful tool to help you get back your data. When you have urgent, important documents you did not back up, then Data Recovery Wizard is your best hope. It may not be 100% efficient, but it is the best chance you have, whether you are a computer geek or just a learner. Save money and time with this tool right from your home. Recovering data has never been this simple and I highly recommend the Disk Recovery Wizard.

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