How does Acronis software help in data recovery?

We can define data recovery as a process of getting data back from a faulty or damaged storage device. There are many data recovery software in the market today, but we are going to explain how Acronis software can be used to restore data in your office or home computer.

Procedure of recovering

  1. First, make sure that Acronis True Image Home is started on your machine.
  2. Switch on the data recovery wizard by clicking the recovery file that it found at the main menu of the program
  3. Choose the archive where the data to be recovered is.
  4. If what you are going to recover is found in the archive that has backups that are incremental, then Acronis True Image Home is supposed to enable an incremental backup through the date and time creation. This option is meant to help you find files of different dates that were recovered.
  5. On the computer, choose a folder that will host the recovered folders or files. Alternatively, you may recover the data in the very location it was before. If you are selecting a new folder, then there comes a step called destination. If you select a new folder, the data will be recovered, but without the absolute path which is the original one. when you are at the destination step, choose another location that is at the directory tree. It is possible for you to create a new folder where recovered files shall be stored. This is done by clicking at the place that says create a new folder.
  6. When it comes to what to recover part, you need to have the folders and files to be recovered selected. Alternatively, it is possible to go into the archive and choose the files and folders to be recovered or just recover the whole data in the archive. After doing this, you can now click the option that says proceed.
  7. Some options will appear whereby the first one permits you to store vital data changes that happened in the chosen backup that was created. You can select what the program is to do suppose it finds the destination folder sharing the same name with the archive. If not command is given, the program shall overwrite the folders and files.
  8. Now, you can choose the available options for process of recovery. Remember that the options that you will choose shall be applicable to the recovery task you are doing at that time only.
  9. After doing all the above, now you can proceed to execute changes in the already created task by selecting the stage or process you need to change by editing its settings. Clicking on the proceed pop up will start the task execution.

There will be special window that will portray the progressing task. If you want to terminate the procedure, you will have to click cancel.


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